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Best-Selling Scrub Shoes

Best-Selling Scrub Shoes

scrub shoesThere are at least 16 brands selling scrub shoes. Some of the most popular ones include Dansko, Klogs, Dickies, Rockers, Skechers, and Timberland. But which of these brands have sold more shoes than the others? Here is a list of the best-selling scrub shoes.

1. Cherokee Harmony

Harmony is a slip-on type of shoes. These are made from a combination of materials such as leather (for the upper part) and an absorbent lining. There is nothing fancy about the style, but if you want something comfortable and one that resists slipping, this may be the shoes you’re looking for.

Based on consumer feedback, the Harmony has a wide width, so they are very comfortable. Some of the not-so-good feedback include:

  • heels are too high
  • more padding needed for people who stand all day at work

But overall, most of those who bought these shoes said they love it and would recommend it. It’s currently priced at $45.98 at All Heart and $47.99 at Scrubs & Beyond.

2. Klogs Unisex Dusty Scrub Shoes

These shoes cost more than $50, but many consumers don’t mind the price because of the following features.

First, it is flexible and lightweight. As they do not require shoe laces, they are easy to put on. They are also made from durable materials and have an outsole that resists slipping even when the floor is slippery to ordinary shoes.

They are also washable, so they are easy to maintain. Last, they have a specially designed footbed that can immediately and easily be mold to your feet. These shoes come in 8 colors including smokey blue, slate grey, and java.

Some of the positive comments about these shoes include:

  • good arch support
  • soft padding
  • very comfortable
  • cures plantar facitis
  • ideal for people who work in a busy unit

Some of the not-so-good feedback include:

  • may be smaller than described
  • sizing can be way off

3. Landau Enerize Nursing Shoes

These shoes come in only two colors, black and white. But they have an EVA midsole that helps absorb shock and protect your feet. They are also slip-resistant, and they are lightweight. If you’re looking for a pair of nursing shoes that is highly rated and very affordable, be happy to know that these shoes cost only a little over $20.

Here are some of the good feedback from consumers.

  • comfortable for long hours of working
  • reasonably priced
  • you can wipe them clean easily
  • no sliding on wet floors

The only criticism that these shoes got was that the rubber inside can get squeaky inside when your feet get sweaty. But overall, these shoes are highly recommended because of their affordable price.

4. Dansko Professional Box Leather Shoes

scrub shoes - Dansko Professional Box Leather ShoesWith a price tag of more than $110, these shoes are one of the most expensive nursing shoes available. They have a contoured midsole to make sure the arch is supported well. They also have an anti-fatigue feature at the bottom, and they absorb shock well.

Consumers who gave their review about the shoes have given them a high rating especially when it comes to comfort. But the problem mainly is on the size. Many people are often confused about their size so they end up purchasing either a smaller or larger pair.


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