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Different Styles of Koi Shoes

Different Styles of Koi Shoes

koi shoesLabelled under the “Koi by Sanita” product line, all pairs of Koi shoes in distribution today are the result of a partnership with famous Danish clog manufacturer called Sanita. The clog-style and designs reflect the Sanita brand, but the shoes are unquestionably made especially for medical professionals. As a matter of fact, the Koi by Sanita line is accepted and approved by the American Podiatric Medical Assocation (APMA).

Why wear these shoes?

First, because they are stylish. In a few paragraphs, you will be given a rundown of all the styles that you can choose from. Second, they are reliable in emergency situations. Since these shoes are clogs, you can slip into them without taking too much time. Plus, they are comfortable to wear. They have a comfortable insole, and they’re designed to give your feet maximum support.

Below is a list of the different styles of Koi shoes.

1. Floral prints

Some floral patterns are either cheesy or rustic. But with Koi shoes, this isn’t the case. The whole exterior of their Poppy and Little Camilia shoes are decorated with beautiful designs that will surely spice up your outfit, yet won’t serve as a distraction.

If you want a floral accent, you may want to choose either the Paris or Frolic shoes. Paris is a beautiful pair of black clogs with a pink outline and pink flower accents somewhere on the side. As for Frolic, the flower prints can be found on the back of the shoes.

2. Animal prints

If you love prints from ferocious animals such as leopards and zebras, you will love the following designs:

    • Poppy Leopard,
    • Lindsey Leopard,
    • Professional Lindsey Snake, and
    • Wild Side

3. Studs

Studs are all the rage these days! And that’s because they’re little jewels that can do so much. From jackets to shoes, these beautiful metal accents are a must-haves among fashionistas everywhere.

As for Koi by Sanita, you can have a chance to won a pair of studs shoes by purchasing either the Audrey or Paige style. The studs line up on top of the footwear, which make them look like a metal strap for the shoes.

4. Hot and bright colors

If you want to stick to basics, yet still be stylish, choose from among the clogs with plain and bright colors. If you want neon pink, look for the Lindsey in Neon Pink design. If you want something blue, check out Lindsey in Navy.

Other styles and colors include:

    • Black (Lindsey in Black)
    • Steel (Lindsey in Steel)
    • White (Lindsey in White)

5. With straps

If you want another variation, you can choose those with straps. These shoes also have an absorbent insole to make yourself as comfortable as possible. They also have a protective heel cap to prevent you from getting blisters.

Some of the shoes include the following:

    • Professional Demi in Navy
    • Professional Demi Jane in Red
    • Professional Demi in Steel

Where can you buy these clogs?

koi shoes - Clog OutletThese shoes are not included in the official website of Koi Uniforms. But it is definitely showcased in Sanita’s website. You can get them online through Amazon, Uniform Advantage, and Clog Outlet.


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