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Most Stylish Cherokee Nursing Shoes

Most Stylish Cherokee Nursing Shoes

Cherokee nursing shoesCherokee has a variety of scrub pants and tops to choose from. But did you also know that they have a wide selection of medical shoes? Here are the most stylish ones.

1. Black Bronze Flower

These shoes are from the Patricia collection. They are slip-on shoes that have a brown flower design all over the exterior. The exterior is well-polished that it shines, and they have a engravings that show you a snake-like pattern when light strikes them.

Other features of the shoes include the following:

  • durable leather upper
  • soft-padded collar
  • super absorbent lining materials
  • lightweight outsoles
  • slip resistant outsoles

2. Black / Silver Marble

These shoes are from the Pamela collection. They are currently priced at $99, but they are worth it. They have uppers that are made from top-notch leather, a cushy insole that gives you comfort, and an ultra lightweight midsole that protects your feet. Just like any other Cherokee shoes, the outsoles are made from anti-slip materials.

What is so special about these shoes?

First, their design gives a marble impression. Second, they have a faux button flap or placket sewn on the left side of the shoes’ “collar.” Third, the stitching creates beautiful outlines that add to the beauty of the shoes.

3. Snakeskin White

These shoes are from the Patricia by Workwear collection. Like any other shoes in the collection, they have a soft-padded collar, and are made from durable materials. As for the design, these shoes have a snake-like pattern that is enhanced with light. They have an off-cream to dirty white color, so they easily coordinate with any top or pants.

4. Garnet Swirl

Another shoes from the Pamela collection, these shoes have an insole that is made from Poron, a high-density material that gives the wearer that much-needed comfort even after hours of standing or working.

True to their name, these shoes have a garnet color. They are made from high-quality leather, so they have that distinct shine that you can only get from topnotch materials. If you look at the exterior closely, these shoes have swirling lines that look like veins or roots.

5. Red Marble

The best feature of these shoes is their very bright shine. As a result, you’ll hardly recognize that these shoes have a marble design. These are from the Patricia collection, so they have soft padding and are made from moisture-absorbing materials.

6. Black / White Plaid

Cherokee nursing shoes - Black / White PlaidThese shoes are ideal for men who would like to spice up their solid scrubs with plaid. The plaid design gives you an impression that the shoes have small studs in grey, white, and black.

These shoes have slip-resistant outsoles, and they currently have a price tag of $65.

7. Doc II

It’s easy to see that these shoes are patterned from Crocs. They are slip-on shoes with a strap to keep your feet in place. They have lightweight, and are stain resistant. Best of all, they have a soft midsole to give your arch protection and absorbs shock.


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