The complete guide to nursing shoes

Nurse Shoes Can Make Or Break A Long Shift

Nurse Shoes

nurse shoesA nurse’s shoes may be the most important part of his or her work uniform. Nurses often have to spend long shifts – 12 hours or more – on their feet, and they do a lot of brisk walking, lifting, and crouching. Without proper shoes, a busy nurse risks foot pain, back pain, and exhaustion as he does his important job. This can cost his health, and it can also cost his patients the care they need.

If you are a nurse, you should ensure that your feet are protected by buying proper nurse shoes. Shoe companies and medical equipment companies have come up with shoes that are ideal for nursing and other jobs that require a lot of footwork. Nurse shoes usually cost as much as the average pair of sneakers and are invaluable for your day-to-day health.

What features should nurse shoes have?

Good nursing shoes have certain features that make them ideal for nursing. When you are shopping for your shoes, make sure they have most or all of these features:

  • A gentle heel, usually about 1.5 inches, supports your posture and makes walking and standing more comfortable and more correct.
  • A sole made out of moldable material will help the shoe conform to the shape of your foot.This is like having a customized shoe that supports your specific anatomy, thus increasing your comfort.
  • A flat, non-slip bottom supports walking and standing stability and decreases that likelihood that you will slip in spills.
  • A breathable fabric helps your feet get the circulation they need, and avoids sweaty, uncomfortable walking during a long day.

Nurse shoes can be slip-ons or lace-ups. While they are usually white, they are sold in other colors to match your nursing outfit. Go by your usual shoe size when you are shopping for nurse shoes.

Where are nurse shoes sold?

Nurse shoes are often sold in normal shoe stores, near the sneaker section. Look for white shoes that often have a clog shape, and make sure they possess the features listed above. Ask a shoe store employee to be sure that you are getting a good shoe to work in. With nurse shoes, it’s important to be able to try your shoes on to be certain that you are picking the most comfortable option.

If you prefer to do your shoe shopping online, or you cannot find any good shoes in the shoe store, they are many websites that sell nurse shoes. Look for a website that specializes in medical equipment or health care workers’ uniforms. Here are a few websites that sell a variety of nurse shoes:

  • is an online medical superstore that offers nurse shoes for both genders.
  • is a popular shoe retailer with a Nurse Mates collection. Most of these shoes only come in white.
  • specializes in scrubs, but also offers a large selection of shoes by respected brands. This website has more color options.

nurse shoes - Zappos.comIt should be easy to find nurse shoes in stores and online. Make sure you take this important step to protecting your comfort at work.


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