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Top Brands for Nursing Clogs

Top Brands for Nursing Clogs

nursing clogsThere are at least 18 brands of medical footwear. Each of these brands has a distinct style that distinguishes them from the other. But only a few of them have truly captured the hearts of their target market when it comes to nurshing clogs and shoes. Here are the elite few.

1. Koi by Sanita

Although Koi shoes are more expensive than the rest of the brands, they are still one of the best-selling footwear in the industry. And this is due to the shoes’ ability to combine function and style. As if the brand’s approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association of APMA is not enough proof of its exceptional quality, you look at the shoes and you see yourself walking in style.

Koi by Sanita is a collaboration between Koi Happiness and Sanita, a footwear manufacturer based in Denmark. Sold at more than $120 a pair, the Koi by Sanita collection is characterized by stylish colors, stylish prints, and comfortable insoles.

2. Dansko

Next to Koi is Dansko. Even though some of their footwear are styled to perfection, these shoes are professional-looking and very hospital-appropriate. Just like Koi shoes, Dansko products can cost more than $130, but this hefty pricetag can be supported by several reasons.

For one, Dansko shoes are made from the finest materials, particularly leather. You rarely (or never) see a Dansko shoes made from synthetic materials except the sole. The exterior is well-polished, and the company makes use of practically all types of leather: box, oiled, cabrio, tooled, mosaid, arabesque, textured, full grained, embossed, and treated.

Aside from that, these shoes are also well-engineered and ergonomically designed to give wearers utmost ease and comfort. The company takes pride in saying that their shoes can be compared with athletic shoes that display the following characteristics.

    • absorbs shock effectively
    • roomy toe box
    • anti-microbial

3. Nurse Mates

Nurse Mates has built an excellent reputation as the go-to brand when it comes to performance footwear and accessories. The company specializes in addressing the needs of medical professionals whose schedule does not seem to let them have time for themselves.

When it comes to nursing clogs, Nurse Mates offer two types: slip-on and open back. Priced at less than $80, these shoes are designed to serve the needs of very busy individuals, and those whose jobs require strenuous movements.

Though some of these shoes have stylish prints, most of them stick to only two colors: black and white.

4. Cherokee

Cherokee clogs are the leading choice of young professionals who prefer shoes with an edgy or unique style. And though these shoes are generally more affordable than Koi and Dansko, allowing you to buy a pair at less than $40, some can cost $100.

If you prefer other brands other than those on the list, below are 14 other companies that manufacture medical footwear.

  • Landau
  • Urbane
  • Dickies
  • Scrubzone
  • New Balance
  • Skechers
  • Pro-Step
  • Timberland
  • Quark
  • Avia
  • nursing clogs - MozoRockers
  • Anywear
  • Mozo




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