The complete guide to nursing shoes

What to look for in Nurse’s Shoes

What to look for in Nurse’s Shoes

nurses shoesA nurse’s shoes may be the most important part of her daily work outfit. Nurses spend the greater part of their shifts on their feet, walking through hospital hallways to assist patients and doctors. They may have to stand for long hours, bend and crouch, or push and carry heavy equipment, and all of these tasks put strain on their legs and feet.

Nursing shoes have to be built to stand up to all the pressures of nursing. Good nursing shoes should have certain features to ensure that they will be comfortable and last a long time.

What should nursing shoes have?

Here are some features to look for when you are shopping for a pair of nursing shoes:

  • The shoes should have a slight heel of about 1.25 inches. This supports the foot and emphasizes proper walking and standing posture, which means more comfort.
  • The shoes should be slip-resistant, which usually means a rubber outsole. Nurses may have to navigate spills or other slippery surfaces, and they need be able to do so with confidence.
  • The shoes should have breathable linings to prevent too much heat and moisture.
  • The shoes should be lightweight. The nurse should not have to feel as though it is an effort to lift up her feet.
  • The shoes should have an insole that molds to the shape of your foot. A shoe that takes the natural shape of your foot will be more comfortable over time.
  • The shoes should fit properly. Make sure you try on the nursing shoes and walk around in them before buying them. You should have enough room for your toes to wiggle, and your foot should not be squeezed on the sides.

Nurse’s shoes may advertise additional features and come in a variety of styles and colors. You can look for nurse’s shoes that are clog-shaped, sneaker-shaped, and loafer-shaped, and you can find shoes that skip on, lace up, or have Velcro or buckles. Regardless of the style of shoe you prefer, make sure they meet many of the above requirements so you don’t have to suffer during your long shifts.

What are some good brands of nurse’s shoes?

Check out any of these nursing shoes, all of which are available at

  • The Dickies Breaktime White Nursing Shoe is soft and durable, with breathable linings and cushioning.
  • The New Balance 512- White Shoes for Nursing School are slip-resistant and oil-resistant, with a comfortable insert.
  • The Landau Refresh Nursing Shoes are athletic-style with lace up, with a low heel for comfort.
  • The Sketchers Softie White Shoes for Nursing School are made of soft leather and have a moisture-absorbing lining.

Where else can I buy good nurse’s shoes?

Nursing shoes can be found at many of the same retailors that sell scrubs and lab coats, as well as at dedicated shoe stores. Some websites where you can buy nursing shoes include:


nurses shoes - Medicalscrubsmall.comYou can also check your local shoe store, especially if you want to try on your nursing shoes before buying them.


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